The Highway to Holidays – Part 1

For the first time in 3 years, we decided to drive to Edmonton for the holidays. The last 2 years have been spent with me recovering from knee replacement surgeries.

While most people dread the thought of 16 hours of driving on winter highways, we always take 2 days and stop in High Level overnight. This allows us to stop and take pictures when we want and limit our driving in the dark.

This year, the trip down was what most people dread about winter driving. Day 1 was not overly bad although it was mostly cloudy and the grey light all day made for a long day. The best part of that first day was the sunrise…in the rear view mirror…


…and the sunset in front of us about 90 minutes from High Level.


The temperature during the day had changed from -14°C to a rather balmy -4°C. On another note, gas had gone from $1.219/lt in Yellowknife, to $1.389/lt in Fort Providence and down to $1.239/lt in High Level.

Not a bad first day of the trip. Little did we know what was actually ahead of us tomorrow.