The Highway to Holidays – Part 2

The second day of our trip was the High Level to Edmonton portion. We have done this section several times but today was going to be a different day.

The day started as most do leaving High Level…gas up and hit the Tim Hortons for some coffee and breakfast. Once we hit the highway we were in for a treat. Snow. And a train. We have never had a train stop us on the highway before but sure enough, 10km outside High Level we passed a snow plow just in time to come across the train coming across the highway. 10 minutes of waiting and we were on our way.

The snow started getting pretty heavy once we got going…so heavy in fact that we couldn’t see the semi trucks in front of us.


The picture on the right shows us coming up on a semi that was almost completely white with snow from behind. We couldn’t even see the tail lights or marker lights. It was a tad dangerous. We did manage to get by after following him for about 30km when the snow wash had lightened. The rest of the trip to Peace River was pretty uneventful other than the blowing snow.


Once in Peace River we usually stop for gas. The Petro Canada we usually fill-up at was open but the pump lanes were closed off. We usually stop for lunch at the Dairy Queen. After picking that up we headed through the town looking for another gas station. We didn’t head downtown where I assume the other stations are. Not finding one, we headed for Valleyview. There are always lots of stations there to fill up and I had more than enough fuel to drive the 138 additional kilometres. Valleyview came and a gas station was found. We filled up and headed on our way. Only 350km to go…3.5 hours. That’s all. We would be in around 5:00pm with minimal dark driving. Right? Wrong!!