300px-Tim_Hortons_logo.svgI never really did understand Canadian’s love affair with Tim Hortons. People flock there every day for their fix of Tim Ho’s coffee. We can drive by the one in Yellowknife and there are usually 15-20 cars in the drive through and the parking lot is also full. And this is not just at specific times…I am talking about all day, every day. Many times when  I go to Marks to look for clothes, I can’t find a parking spot because their parking lot is beside the Tim Hortons. Even when you manage to find a parking spot, leaving requires cutting through 1 or 2 lines of cars waiting in line even though these vehicles are blocking thoroughfares.

The coffee at Tim Hortons is just regular coffee. Nothing spectacular and I really don’t like it. I much prefer Javaroma or even McDonald’s McCafe in Yellowknife and by far the Starbucks or Second Cup when traveling to locations that have such places.

The only time I drink Tim Hortons coffee is when I am driving on the highway. For one reason, it is in every town you come to and second, the coffee is bitter enough that it keeps me awake. I am not sure the word is bitter, but it definitely manages to keep me awake.

Maybe the problem is not so much with the coffee but with the donut or muffin that people buy with their coffee. Maybe the coffee is required to offset the impending sugar rush/crash that comes from eating that donut or muffin. Maybe it has nothing to do with liking the coffee? 



Falling out of love with Tim Hortons